HOW DOES IT WORK?2023-01-10T15:02:00-05:00
When you sign-up for PayMeTravel, you will receive login credentials to our booking website. You will use the site to create your travel bookings. Each vacation will have a set amount of commission and earned dollars depending on the trip booked.
HOW DO I GET PAID?2023-01-14T13:40:31-05:00
Commissions on travel get paid once the travel is completed. Once you return from your first trip, we will send instructions on how to receive your money earned. This can take anywhere from 2-5+ weeks post-travel as commissions get sent once you return.
HOW DO I MAKE MY FIRST BOOKING?2023-01-14T13:39:28-05:00
  • Login to your PayMeTravel portal using your username and password created at sign-up
  • Select which type of travel you want to book (i.e. cruise, hotel, vacation package)
  • Select which travel supplier you would like to book with with and follow onscreen instructions
    • For most suppliers you will need to register on their booking site
HOW DO I MAKE A CHANGE ON A BOOKING?2023-01-10T15:05:15-05:00

To make a change on your booking,


HOW DO I EARN MONEY AND HOW MUCH WILL I MAKE?2023-01-14T13:34:37-05:00

You can earn money by booking a vacation once logged into the PayMeTravel portal. Options included cruises, vacation packages, hotels, travel insurance, excursions/tours, and more.

The amount of money you make will depend on your number of bookings and the total amount of the booking. Commission amount is shown at check-out.


Absolutely! You will use the same process as booking a trip for yourself as you will for your friends and family.


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